Client: Mitte

Project: E-commerce

Year: 2021

  • E-commerce
  • Digital Platform
  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Website
  • Creative Direction


  • Nikolaj Adam Møller

As one of the first partners of the studio, we had worked with Mitte® through the initial stages of funding and brand development. Now, the time had come to finally enter the consumer market with a full scale e-commerce platform. We’re proud to have led the entire creation, from UX flows to visual design and art direction of content.

Working with startups and new ventures is exciting – from the spark of an idea to the first sketches of business models and user acquisitions flows. Starting with a blank canvas, you immerse yourself in a world of opportunity and optimism, crafting a vision for the brand’s relevans in the ecosystem. 

But entering into a real consumer-relationship is often a different story. While there’s a need to articulate the brand in the right way, other metrics like conversion and efficiency will surface and prevail. The promise of a new venture must manifest itself in a case for a scalable business.

After more than 5 years of development it was time for Mitte to deliver on the promise to their stakeholders: better water for a better planet – delivered in a commercial and scalable platform.
The first product is a clean and technical machine that offers carbonated water with added vitamins and minerals based on the user’s specific requirements. The challenge was to make sure the brand would not lose itself in technicality, but still embrace the human connection that lies implicitly in the topic of “better water.” 

We envisioned an art direction that would merge the clean aesthetics with warm imagery; technical details mixed in with human emotion; the perfect with the imperfect. We wanted to uncover the effect of better water through positive moments and interactions of real people. 

The platform itself is designed with flexible grids that allow the imagery to define the experience while still leading the user towards conversion. The modules can be customized with different positionings and CTA’s, allowing the brand to take a data driven approach to achieving the best performing platform.
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Warm imagery softens the product’s clean and technical nature, making it approachable.

The platform scales to all screen sizes while keeping sections in place and a straightforward UX that drives towards transaction.

Flexible grids allow the brand to often change and adapt header sections to deliver best performance for visitors.


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