Thinking Essentials

Essential design considers people, business, planet and our shared future. Striving for the essential is a thought that runs through all layers of our process and output. Although not an exact science, key factors define what we deem essential across brand and product experiences. These relate as much to a vision for the world as they do to the visual and functional output of our work.

Reason for existence

Never before in time has it been easier to envision, launch and test new ideas in both big and small scale. Driven by an ambitious new generation that demands change, and big corporations looking to renew themselves, the innovation ecosystem is bursting with optimism. 

But the culture of speed and agility has also given way to an influx of redundant products and services. Optimism is good, but not all ideas are great.

We value honest visions for how to improve the significant problems we face as consumers and inhabitants of our planet; ideas with integrity that look beyond pure profit making to give way for a different kind of impact. This starts with asking the right questions.


Build true value

The visual culture we live in has democratized the art of “publishing”, and more creators are available to assist with anything and everything, at all times of the day. In addition, digital tools embedded with global market access have made it easier for anyone to launch new brands and ventures that look credible on the surface.

But while competing on colors, visuals and words might be a short cut, it’s never a long term strategy. We believe in products and services that provide true value to users through improved functional benefits, a customer driven value proposition and meaningful interactions across all touchpoints.


Beyond the present

Our shared reality is changing by the speed of a swipe and the temptation to follow trends is unavoidable. Companies are increasingly being tempted to jump on new technologies, platforms or consumer acquisitions offerings that are deemed necessary to “stay relevant.”

But because something is trendy doesn’t make it right for all. We have an unwavering commitment to building brands and products that last through craft, systems thinking and visions for how to adapt and evolve. Strong brands are not built over night, but are the accumulation of actions taken over a sustained period of time.


Being real

Today’s consumers are more educated and go deeper in their research to understand not only the product or service being offered, but also the values of the company behind. The medium, endorsement or style of a message can no longer be the message itself.

In this reality, transparency and openness are key drivers of trust, while unnecessary layers of communication can be the antagonist. We believe in delivering authenticity in beautiful and engaging ways, speaking both to the hearts and minds of our consumers. To us, the real story is often the most powerful one.


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