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2024 04 04

Copenhagen Half Marathon®

The all new brand identity for Copenhagen Half Marathon® – an iconic adn fast race through the city center of Copenhagen.

2024 03 01

8 Years.

Today. We turn 8 years.
To everyone that stopped by.
Thank you.

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2024 02 26


As part of a strategic move forward, we helped rethink and mature their brand identity, preparing them to become a progressive player within the intelligent home.

2023 11 20

Brandmark Grid

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2023 10 31

Quizrr ID

Earlier this year we were fortunate to work with Quizrr on redefining and sharpening their identity. From the core narrative and components of the “impact pathway” to how it manifests across applications and touch-points.

2023 05 20

Copenhagen Marathon® Pictograms

2023 05 06

Notes® Packaging skeleton

2022 07 05

Solar Battery 3D

2022 06 14


2022 06 13


During fall 2021 we helped Flügger Group launch a new lifestyle brand focused on provding a range of curated colors for the modern home. Introducing Notes.

2022 06 01

Snap, Inc.

In collaboration with MODEM and Set Snail we’ve recently helped Snap design and build two new experiential lenses focused on mental and physical health when using Snap.

2022 05 25

Nuro Digital Wired

2022 05 03

Kühl & Han® Social Visual

2022 05 02

Google Soli Icons

2022 04 26


We're thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Nuro. A San Francisco based automotive company on a mission to better everyday life through robotics.

2022 03 01

Meet Soli

Soli is a miniature radar that understands human motions at various scales. We collaborated with Google ATAP to design and launch the all new home for Soli. Learn more at atap.google.com/soli

2022 01 20

GAO Dumpling

2022 01 17

Launching Mitte.co

In 2021 we’ve helped Mitte launch their first product, the Mitte Home. We led the user experience and visual design of the e-commerce site along creative direction of both lifestyle and product photography.

2022 01 17

Google Soli

Throughout the last 6 months, we’ve been working closely with Google ATAP to design and build a brand new website to represent their radar chip Soli. The will launch during spring 2022.

2021 02 20

D&AD Award Jury

We are honoured to have Sebastian Gram joining the Digital Design jury at this years D&AD Awards.

2021 01 29

Mitte System

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2021 01 22


A new project in under way. Canopy is a platform bringing people closer to nature both physically and mentally. Stay tuned.

2020 12 30

SPACE10 Network

The SPACE10 Network is a digital product build to initiate and run more successful partnerships and projects between SPACE10 and its external partners.

2020 12 15

All new MUUTO.com

After 2 years in the making Muuto launched a new digital platform — welcoming consumers and partners with an evolved brand experience and tools for configuring and planning.

2020 09 01

Jacquard by Google

We're excited to embark on another journey with Google ATAP, this time with focus on product explorations with the Jacquard team at Google.

2020 08 29


We're excited to announce a new collaboration with Amazon Web Services.

2020 08 14

Creative Circle Award 2020

Honored to see a couple of our projects take home 2 Creative Circle Awards at this years award. 1x Silver award for Urban Village Project website and 1x Bronze for the Alva Labs Brand Identity .

2020 07 20

Google ATAP

Google ATAP commissioned us to create a series of prototypes showcasing the new Soli radar technology within the Google Pixel 4.

2020 06 01


Heap is a new fintech venture based in denmark, backed by TopDanmark. We're proud to have designed and supported Heap on defining their brand identity and digital product.

2020 06 07

Webby 2020 Winner

The Urban Village Project microsite we designed for SPACE10 in collaboration with Set Snail just received a Webby Award in the category: Architecture & Design. Thanks for another great collaboration.

2020 04 20

Agile Agency, by Maekan

Maekan visited us in Copenhagen for a conversation on design, our philosophy and the challenges of running a small studio. Read it at maekan.com

2020 02 04

Everyday Experiments

A series exploring how technology can influence everyday life. In partnership with SPACE10 we've conceptualised and designed a digital platform for the experiments to live and breathe.

2020 03 01

Celebrating 4 years in business

Today marks the fourth year in business as Norgram®. Thanks to everyone who helped shape our studio. Cheers to many more years ahead.

2020 03 10

Grundfos — Wewater

We've recently ran a designsprint with Grundfoss to discover a new platform for empowering people in developing countries to gain better access to healthy water.

2019 07 31


Partnering with the Global Nike Digital team in Portland to challenge and explore new opportunities within digital products. We're excited for the partnership and the work produced. However we're unable to share further information at this point.

2019 06 03


Able® is a renowned service platform helping professional kitchens, businesses and people to meet, eat and evolve. In partnership with strategist Troels Nørlem — we formed a new brand vision and design language for Able®.

2019 09 17

Alva® Labs — Workshop

We're in Stockholm, kicking off a new rebranding project wtih a workshop at Alva® Labs.

2019 05 01

The Urban Village Project

The Urban Village Project rethinks how we design, build, finance and share our future homes, neighbourhoods and cities. The aim is to allow for cheaper homes to enter the market, make it easier to live sustainably and affordably, and ensure more fulfilling ways of living together.

2019 03 01

Norgram® 3 year anniversary

Three years down the road and we’re still here—more defined than ever. Our passion for timeless aesthetics and functional products has never been more relevant and day by day we get to work with people and projects that truly excite us. Thanks for all the love and support.

2019 04 24

IKEA Design

Taking a look back at the highlights of the design work that shaped IKEA Place along other experiments for IKEA in collaboration with SPACE10.

2018 05 25

Creative Circle Award

Honored to take home 4 circles at this years Creative Circle Awards. 2x Gold for IKEA Place and 2x Silver for IKEA Place and SPACE10.io.

2018 04 26

Creative Circle Awards
2018, 7x Shortlists

Excited and proud to be shortlisted 7 times at this years Creative Circle Award. Thanks to our wonderful clients SPACE10, IKEA and Muuto for some great collaborations.

2018 10 29

Fast Company
Innovation by Design

IKEA Place was among the finalists in Fast Companys Innovation by Design Awards 2018.

2018 10 16

Antonia Größchen
Jr. Designer

Antonia is a young talented designer from Germany and will join Norgram® in the Copenhagen Studio.

2018 08 13

Sekund Projects

Sekund is an ongoing self-initiated exploration of watch faces. Explore the faces at sekundprojects.com

2018 02 09

Digital Thinkers Conference 2018

We had the honor of giving a talk about designing for augmented reality at the Digital Thinkers Conference in Berlin hosted by Awwwards.

2018 04 27

D&AD Awards 2018
Wood Pencil

IKEA Place received a wooden pencil at the annual D&AD Awards for it's User Experience and Design.

2018 03 20

Everything IKEA
in a single conversation

Combining IKEA's communication channels into one feed, and enabling co-workers to collaborate in smarter ways. We've conceptualised and designed the app in collaboration with IKEA's Innovation Lab SPACE10.

2018 03 01

Norgram® turns 2

Today we celebrate the birthday of our studio. It's been a fantastic ride—working on things we love with people who we admire. Getting to shape our studio the way we want is hard work but enormously satisfying. Thanks for all the support.

2017 01 01

Eurobest 2017

IKEA Place was awarded Bronze at the annual Eurobest Awards in London. It was awarded in the category: Augmented Mobile Experience and shortlisted in the category: Mobile Apps.

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2017 11 21

Natur by AVE

Nature is the perfect source of inspiration for a product of pleasure. Equally powerful, calm and unpredictable, it draws you in with its transformative qualities. With Natur by AVE we’ve tried to capture all of that in a design direction that is as beautiful as it is functional. In collaboration with Hong Kong based Creative Agency—Constant.

2017 09 28

IKEA Place

Our latest collaboration with SPACE10 and IKEA has just launched. IKEA Place lets people confidently experience, experiment and share how good design transforms any space. Using Apple’s newly released ARKit people can now place 3D objects in their own homes.

2017 09 20


The new MUUTO.com is now live and features a brand new direction that we designed in collaboration with Muuto earlier this year.

2017 08 28


Together with SPACE10 we’ll be exploring and defining new ways of how digital design and digital products can support IKEA’s long-term vision in making an everyday better life for the many people.

2017 06 02

Meet Röst:
your personal
guide to IKEA

Röst is a personal assistant for IKEA: an assistant that gives you location-based audio customized for you as you walk around the store, making the experience more immersive and helping you out along the way. This summer you can test-drive the prototype at the IKEA Museum in Älmhult. Made with SPACE10.

2017 05 29

Creative Circle Awards

We recieved two bronze circles at Creative Circle Awards in May. 1x for J.Views, 401 Days. 1x for SPACE10, Conversational Forms.

2017 05 01

tomorrow's AI

SPACE10, IKEA’s external future living lab, are curious to learn how the many people feel about Artificial Intelligence. We helped SPACE10 launch a worldwide survey: Do You Speak Human? Photo: Adrià Goula/IKEA.

2017 04 08

Sharing the process:

Presenting the thoughts, design and technology behind the upcoming SPACE10.io framework and platform. Thanks to everybody who showed up and the people making it happen.

2017 03 10

A future living lab

We're about to launch a new digital platform for IKEA's Innovation Hub SPACE10 in close collaboration our friends at RWATGG.

2017 03 06


Partnering with scandinavian design brand: Muuto, to establish a new digital design direction and relaunch the main brand site muuto.com.

2016 12 22

The Pop Up

New design direction for our London friends "Pop Up". The Pop Up Agency is on a mission to democratize creativity.

2016 12 20


Yesterday evening we were live on Radio24Syv talking about the J.Views 401 Days artwork and it's nomination for the 59TH Annual Grammy® Awards taking place the 12th February 2016 in LA. Have a listen, in danish only.

2016 09 15

Brand Identity

We've helped danish startup Setio® define a new brand platform and design direction. Setio® is launching in 2017.

2016 08 22

Brand Identity

Since our trip to Berlin in March we’ve formed a close collaboration with the team in Berlin on defining the brand of Mitte®. Mitte® is on a mission to improve life through better water.

2016 08 16

SPACE10 x Norgram

Partnering with IKEA's innovation lab SPACE10 to explore and define their future digital platform.

2016 08 16


Mathias was awarded the Nordic Creative Talent Award in November 2015 by Adobe. Adobe sat down with Mathias for an interview. Watch on Adobe.com

2016 06 01

Brand Identity

Brand Identity for Copenhagen based tech-company TwentyThree™. TwentyThree™ is on a mission reinvent the way brands use video. TwentyThree™ recently launched their product gloablly by opening an office in San Francisco.

2016 03 28

401 Days

We've had the pleasure of working closely together with Jonathan since December on ideating, designing and producing the new album cover documenting the life that happened throughout 401 Days of creating the album.

2016 04 22

Digital Platform

We've been working together with the Founder & CEO of The—Dots, Pip Jamieson and her team on defining a new design direction for 'The—Dots' brand and digital platform.

2016 03 28

New digital precence

Together with our friends at Koalition we've designed and build a new digital presence for award-winning New York based VFX Studio Phosphene

2016 03 23

Workshop in Berlin

We're off to Berlin for the next 3 days to facilitate a workshop on a new exciting brand identity project for an upcoming IOT product.

2016 03 01

We're Norgram®

Norgram® is the studio of Design Directors Mathias Høst Normark and Sebastian Gram.

Work with us—write to hi@norgram.co

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