Client: Mitte®

Project: Brand Identity

Year: 2016

  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Design
  • Keynote
  • Website
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Stationary
  • Guidelines

German venture Mitte® set out to introduce a ground-breaking, smart, and sustainable water appliance for your home. We have worked as a collaborative partner throughout the growth journey, from early vision explorations to fundraising and a full digital brand roll out.

Access to clean, healthy drinking water should be a basic human right, but is now under pressure as more people become disconnected from the natural water cycle. The current solutions provide people with poor choices: expensive bottled water, tap water which is often contaminated, or filtered water which removes some of the water’s natural nutrients.

In 2016 we were approached by two ambitious founders with a big idea – to provide a fourth solution that would not only make water more accessible, but also make it “better than before.” 

The vision was an IOT smart appliance product that would be able to purify the water, while adding nutrients and minerals based on the user’s individual needs.
With such ambition, both technologically and financially, it was important to define the essentials early in order to provide a platform that would interpret the scale of the idea, while projecting a professional, and trustworthy image to the investors that was needed to realise the project. 

Our approach was agile and phased in order to accommodate the realities of a growing start-up. First we needed to communicate a vision for the future through simple, well-crafted executions, then gradually build on these as the product development progressed and the go-to-market plan crystallised. 

We continue to work with Mitte who have moved from 3 people startup to a 40 people venture business with +€10M in investment.
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As a part of the brand vision we explored the potential for an interface enabling users to gain self awareness, knowledge and hydration insights about their water consumption.

The brand name mitte® means "middle" in german. It's a reflection of finding balance. It's also the name of the area where the brand resides.

The design direction sets the foundation for an approachable, natural and new classic brand tapping into a simple and functional aesthetic that caters to the lifestyle of young global citizens.



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