Client: Setio®

Project: Brand Identity

Year: 2017

  • Strategy
  • Naming
  • Creative Direction
  • Design Direction
  • Product design
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Website
  • Guidelines


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Nuro exists to improve the lives of people through robotics, and with their driver-less, full electric cars they are on path to revolutionize home delivery. But as the company was moving from the engineering focused phase into a consumer and public facing product, Nuro approached Norgram to help bring clarity and a more human touch into the expression.

To develop the technologies of the future, innovative companies rely on the world’s best and most visionary engineers to make leaps that can turn into consumer products. Years of extensive research and development are required in search of the next big thing. And very few will succeed. 

At the core, these companies must be engineering and design driven, but this poses a paradox as the company finally meets the world with a product for consumers to love. In truth, consumers care very little about what’s inside and more about how a product can add true value to their lives. 

For Nuro, a company founded by two ex-Google principles, this was no exception. With a product that was set to conquer the roads across the US, the management rightfully feared that the brand might come off too “techy” and removed from the reality they were about to enter.  But how do you make technology look friendly and approachable, especially in an area like “autonomous driving” where a trustworthy and reliable image is key to adoption? This was our challenge.
We worked with Nuro to fine tune the identity and bring hierarchy into the communication. It was important to understand when to be technology centric and when to focus on human use cases, and what that would mean for the identity.

In carefully selected areas, we introduced a stronger focus on authentic moments in the communication, honing in on the people behind the products as well as the end consumer. We introduced a warmer photography direction paired with cute, but functional illustrations that altogether give the brand a lighter expresion. Finally – a soft, yellow color tone was introduced to a few areas of the brand universe. 

Our delivery was a fully updated brand manual that can be accessed by all departments of the fast growing organization, ensuring that everyone from engineer to customer service would understand that while Nuro is a tech driven company, it is ultimately a place “where robotics meets everyday life.”
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