Client: Able®

Project: Brand Identity

Year: 2018

  • Creative Direction
  • Design Direction
  • Website
  • Naming
  • Strategy
  • Product design


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Denmark’s market leader in business lunch catering needed a new image. With a strong partner network and delivery infrastructure in place, we helped craft a new and much greener brand vision, pushing not only themselves but also the industry to reframe the conversation around a good lunch.

The market for business lunches is competitive. Choice, price and speed are strong factors, but more important than that is people’s expectation of what a good lunch is. Globally, the emerging discourse is centered around eating more clean, green, raw and sustainable. But out there in the offices, people still scream for Friday burgers and a good deal. 

Frokost.dk had been building a strong position in the local market as a middle man between quality kitchens and offices across the country. But as they were gearing up to take the next step, they realised it was time to look at the positioning of the platform they built. Were they truly part of the future of food or simply delivering for the status-quo?
We partnered with Frokost.dk to reimagine the brand from the ground up. Both the name, vision and feel had to evolve in order make an impact and position them for future international expansion. 

Enter able®, a profoundly purpose-driven brand powered by a utility platform, delivering not only food, but also a strong point of view. The new brand platform meant stricter expectations towards the kitchens they could partner with, more focus on sustainability and pushing people’s overall perspective of what it means to eat well. The communication strikes a balance between, on micro-level, zooming in on the kitchens, chefs and ingredients served, and on macro-level, talking about the bigger role food consumption plays for the future of our planet. 

able® is a platform supporting the future of sustainable food consumption. 
Project information
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Inspired by the elements of nature: air, earth, fire and water the color palette drives inspiration from the topic itself.

The simplicity and promise of the name able combined with the raw, contextual imagery give a sense of calm while reminding the audience of the bigger purpose of the brand.

Packaging strikes a balance between describing the meal itself and branded messaging to reflect on the bigger picture of eating well.



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