Alva® Labs


Client: Alva® Labs

Project: Brand Identity

Year: 2020

  • Creative Direction
  • Design Direction
  • Keynote
  • Product design
  • Website
  • Photography
  • Stationary

Through science and technology, Alva® helps employers discover the talents others overlook and empowers leaders to build a better hiring culture. We worked with Alva® to evolve their brand from the initial start-up stage into a more confident, and human expression of themselves.

The world of work is biased. Hiring decisions are often based on intuition, gender, age, race or other personal factors resulting in the wrong match between candidate and job. The traditional processes, whether through professional recruiters or internal, help to maintain these structures. Because as thorough as the process might be, the human side of hiring will more often than not influence the decision.

Swedish startup Alva® has a vision for a different tomorrow where the candidate’s readiness, growth potential and cultural match determine the chance of success. Backed by science and artificial intelligence, their digital recruitment tool vets the pool of candidates using a unified flow, AI and matching algorithms. 

Smart, but also cold.

Alva® needed a more holistic brand approach when taking on an industry that hadn’t seen much innovation since its very beginning. While science and tech could provide a logical argument, the human side of the business could be challenged. Are we all just reduced to numbers in an algorithm? 

In our new brand approach for Alva® we put people front and center to bring focus back to what the service is truly about: the right match and successful careers. These are the true human stories and the tech behind it is simply the enabler. With the rebrand Alva® took a big step out of the techy, startup world and manifested itself as a serious player with strong values and a big vision for the future of recruitment.

Project information
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The brand mark is made up of interconnected lines that together form a chain with intercorrelating dependency; a metaphor for the connection between people and our ability to create a shared output that is stronger than then individual.

The Alva® identity is primarily digital. We focused on the "A" as the key brand mark and developed both still animated versions to be able to create recognition and adaptability across all touchpoints.


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